Uffe Nielsen's Machine Factory

Blacksmith and Plumbing tasks for industry, public institutions, and private individuals.

Bulk flour systems

Expertise for 60 years. We offer silos, big bag emptying stations, screw conveyors, and more.


Tailored solutions: Water recycling, energy efficiency, and quality machinery

Steam systems

Effective solutions: Steam boilers and steam systems with high efficiency and heat recovery

Pioneering Solutions in Plumbing and Metalworking Since 1957

Welcome to ABTEK – Your ultimate solution partner in the field of blacksmithing and plumbing. Since 1957, we have paved the way with groundbreaking solutions, ranging from traditional plumbing tasks to advanced silo systems. Our authorized experts are dedicated to creating tailored solutions that drive innovation and sustainability. Take the first step towards a smarter future – Dive into our world of solutions.

Technical solutions that transform your business

At ABTEK, we specialize in tailored solutions within silo systems, industrial laundries, steam systems, and blacksmithing and plumbing services. With over six decades of experience, we are dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and quality.

  • Tailored Silo Systems
  • Sustainable Laundry Solutions
  • Energy-efficient Steam Systems
  • Quality Blacksmithing and Plumbing Services


Take your business to the next level with ABTEK.

Among other things, we can offer